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Can you start a company registration in Thailand as a foreigner?

While Thailand clearly favors locals to start their own business, a foreigner can still opt for company registration in Thailand and start a business here. That’s why you need to do all you can in order to understand the differences and what type of company you are allowed to open in Thailand even if you are a foreigner.

2 types of business

There are 2 types of business you can open as a foreign majority. You can first have a non restricted business. The foreign majority business can be registered in categories of businesses that are not restricted to foreigners. The restricted businesses are pertaining to retail and services. There are some exemptions you can get, but most of these will not be in the categories listed here, so you definitely have to take that into consideration.

Getting the Alien business license

If you want, you can opt for the company registration in Thailand by getting an alien business license. You have to submit an application for that at the Foreign Business Section at the Ministry of Commerce. They will review the application and then you will have an approval from the ministry official. The Amity Treaty allows US citizens to create their own business in Thailand and operate it here. So yes, you can open a business here if you come from the US, no worries about that.

Are the fees higher?

When you do a company registration in Thailand, you will most likely want to know if the fees are higher or not? Obviously things like this will change depending on the situation. The fees can be increasingly higher at times, or they may be the same when compared to local business owners. The idea is to work with a dedicated professional that can let you know more information about the industry and how everything works in here.

Are you forced to have a majority?

Not at all, in fact the local government favors you to have more locals in majority. But still, you can have a mostly foreign board without issue. That’s why company registration in Thailand isn’t as complicated as you may imagine, because you still get all the help and support you want. Granted, the process on its own may be a bit more complicated when compared to other countries. But it still goes to show that you can obtain some rather nifty benefits and rewards from things like this, and maybe that’s the thing that really matters in the end.

Overall, it’s safe to say that foreigners can create their own company in Thailand. While the company registration in Thailand process can differ a tiny bit, the benefits are pretty much the same. So yes, you are bound to like the entire process and the results that come with it. It’s a good idea to work with a team of experts that will be able to help here, so try to keep that in mind. It’s definitely going to be worth it to start a company registration in Thailand, as the market is fresh and full of opportunities!

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