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Features of Serviced Apartment Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of the wealthiest suburbs found in Bangkok, Thailand. It has many fancy villas, bars, restaurants, and serviced apartments Sukhumvit, and so on. Because of these exclusive amenities, the neighbourhood is popular with tourists and expats.
Here are some of the top features of serviced apartment Sukhumvit.

  • Fully-equipped Kitchen
    Thai cuisine is renowned worldwide for its exceptional tastiness. The apartments in Sukhumvit are fitted with all the appliances needed to prepare these delicacies. Even better, recipe books are availed for free to ensure that you get every step of the cooking right.
  • High-Speed Internet Wi-Fi
    In these serviced apartments, you won’t miss a beat of anything going on in the other parts of the world. The rooms have high-speed Wi-Fi connections that ensure you are connected to the internet throughout your stay. For those who prefer to catch up with international news, there is satellite and cable TV installed within the apartments.
  • 24-hour Tuk-Tuk Service
    The 24-hour tuk-tuk service is in place to ensure that apartment occupants have an easy time moving from their rooms into town or any other site. Regardless of the time, you are guaranteed of finding a means of transport. Even better, this service is available for free for all apartment tenants.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
    An apartment is only as good as the facilities it has. This is an area in which serviced apartments in Sukhumvit excel. Some of the most notable features you can expect to find in the apartments include;
    • Rooftop pools – allow you to relax and rejuvenate your body as you enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city.
    • Sun deck – if you wish to bask in the sun and enjoy a Zen atmosphere, this is the place to be.
    • Fitness centres – the apartments have fully-equipped gymnasiums with instructors to assist you in keeping fit.

Features aside, the most important aspect of serviced apartments in Sukhumvit is the excellent quality of service offered by the staff. They ensure that the rooms are the perfect combination of the desire for adventure and the comfort you would expect in an actual home.
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